031: Making An Impact With Your Income with Cole Hatter

By Tyler Basu | Podcast

Jun 22
Lifestyle Business Podcast | Making An Impact With Your Income with Cole Hatter | Lifestyle Business Magazine

Cole Hatter is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, award-winning speaker and the founder of the Thrive: Make Money Matter conference. In this interview, we discuss Cole’s journey as an entrepreneur, including how he made millions in real estate, lost everything, and made it all back again. We also discuss the mission behind his Thrive conference, and his vision for inspiring a new breed of for-purpose entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in the world with their income.

More About Cole Hatter:

Cole is an entrepreneur, investor, and award-winning speaker. Cole started his career investing in real estate and has progressed to investing in large funds, start-ups, and angel investing. He has been on stage speaking to audiences about investing/entrepreneurship around the world collectively for over 2,000 hours. Cole’s vision behind creating Thrive: Make Money Matter is to change the way businesses are run forever, creating a new breed of “For-Purpose Entrepreneurs” directing profitable businesses that focus on a local or global initiative.

To learn more about Cole visit: www.colehatter.com

To learn more about the Thrive conference visit: www.attendthrive.com

On This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Cole got started in business and why he became an entrepreneur
  • How he rebuilt his real estate investing business after losing everything
  • Why he started the Thrive conference and the mission behind it
  • How to use your income to make a positive impact in the world
  • Challenges faced as an entrepreneur and how to overcome them
  • People and/or specific systems and tools you use to run your business
  • Specific habits or activities that are key to Cole’s success
  • Cole’s definition of success
  • Action steps to help build a successful lifestyle business

Resources Mentioned:

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